SPACE drives our production facility to its optimum performance!



“India is reckoned for its handwriting in clothing supplies to the world. For this a world class facility integrated with all features of garment production was the need of the hour”
- Manish Poddar,  Director - Exports 

In 2006, the group launched its mega project – a state of the art manufacturing unit spread across 10 acres with a capacity of producing 3.5 million shirts / tops every year. The facility includes the latest machinery, a well trained work force, a medical center, a crèche, an effluent plant and a live cooking area for the work force. 

We consider ourselves well equipped to handle great challenges over and above the basic line of products.

An investment without the right mix of clients is pointless. Today we can state proudly that in Europe we have a right mix of Leading European brands and retailers which gives us the appropriate balance of product and value.