"Good Systems and Investment in Infrastructure will always control growing costs."
- Manish Poddar, Director - Exports


Our company's main activity since early 2000 has been to develop garments in India for export. Being a new entrant in the Indian garment manufacturing industry, we have chosen to carry on the legacy of our brand in Textiles export with the same pride in Garments Export from India.

Our company's strength is its ability to create products and understand fashion from different perspectives.

 To maintain and expand our premium product range in the market and to sustain our business model, the company made an investment in a state of the art facility in Bangalore in 2005. Our high profile customers demanded a certain level of promptness in response and quality in production along with newness of product.


All aspects of garment manufacturing such as Sewing, Printing, Embroidery, Laundry and various other amenities based on statutory grounds have been created in this facility. It is an investment of USD 8 million to cater 3.3 million pieces of garments every year. The unit has been designed giving an artistic impression of SPACE and the essence of an aged factory building. We want our customers to know that the factory is as beautiful as the product. 

Today our infrastructure gives us a seamless approach to challenges faced during production and it address product quality appropriately.


With the help of these reputed brands we want to attain the highest satndards to maintain a highest position in the European Market. 

Our customers today are the proud partners in the organization. Apart from choosing only Europe as our market for a better realization, within this we have chosen to associate with most of the valuable labels in the market. Year on year we have been trying to sustain healthy margins and a consistent growth by allocation and introduction of a good brand mix to the company.


We create highly embellished products with detailing to perfection making us the most preferred partner to the European Brands