We believe that success can only be achieved when one works less than an individual and more as a team, something which has been imbibed in our team seamlessly across levels. The secret is to have a common vision and the rest is taken care by our par excellence senior management visionaries that direct all the individual accomplishments towards the organisational objectives.

Also the philosophy of our founders that stem from believing in fair trade practices has been well knitted into our team across. We at Radhamani acknowledge and recognise every little to big effort that our team has put in for years and have stood by us in all their honesty and dedication

The success belongs to each one of us.

Testimonials from our Employees

Suresh Mathur – Brand Head – Domestic, Radhamani Group

“I have spent 20 yrs in this company and something that has never wanted me leave this place is the Friendly environment, Family touch and non existence of bossiness.  Something that I deeply admire is the enthusiasm of the directors. I am unable to name one special experience in this place as every moment spent here has been truly intriguing and enriching”


 Mathew C Antony– Head of Fabric

“Having started here as a computer technician I developed interest in Textiles and since then the journey has been never ending. Life is a journey of highs and lows, just like my own family, the management has celebrated my good days and never given up on me in tough times. I will never leave this place because nobody abandons their own home”


Shibu Kumar – Senior Merchandiser 

“My 8 years Journey from being a BSC in Mathematics to Senior Merchandiser in Radhamani has been thoroughly eventful!”


Abhinav Saxena – Sourcing 

“Having started 7 years back with zero knowledge about garments, at the age of 24 I headed a 40 crore project of creating our manufacturing unit which is a heritage structure and a home to a workforce of 2000 people today. I thank my director from every fibre of my being to have shown so much confidence in me”



Ms Padmavathi Murali – PA to MD/Documentation Officer

“I am with "Radhamani Group" for more than 6 years and this itself is self descriptive about the Management. In my 33 years of work experience, I have never worked with a Management like Radhamani who provide unconditional support and courage at any given point of time irrespective of the situation experienced by their employees. I'm proud to be a part of the Radhamani family and will continue to give my best efforts at work to achieve new heights in the near future.”


Ms Padmavathi M – Documentation Officer 

“My work makes me travel 5 hrs daily, 6 days a week since last 7 yrs and I have no complains because I love my job” 


Jijo Joseph – Senior Merchandiser 

“No other company can provide opportunity and exposure like Radhamani. Starting here as a pattern assistant, imagining myself as a pattern master was a realistic transition but at Radhamani I had the flexibility to pursue merchandizing and excel in this stream. I am happy to report that today I control 25% revenues of this company!”


Parivesh Trivedi – ERP Head 

“Having joined this company as a trainee it gives me Goosebumps when I say that this company runs on software which is my baby! Wherever in the world I may be I would always be happy to take up any work for Radhamani”


Govind Pareek – Purchase Head

“I joined this company 6 years back as a Data Operator and today at age 24, I am proud to be the Purchase Head signing purchase orders worth millions. I give cent percent credit to the excellent good will our company enjoys which has enabled me to garner the trust of our suppliers at such a young age”


Narendra Verma – System Administrator

“I have been a part of Radhamani family since 6 years and have enjoyed this experience to the fullest. The feeling of work satisfaction is very warm. I have had great interaction and opportunity from our directors who have supported me at every stage of my career. I am proud to be associated with the Radhamani family”


Nirmal Verma– Head – Accounts 

“Without having a formal degree I am confident to have 70 to 80 percent knowledge in my field all thanks to the practical knowledge and exposure I have gained in this Company. I am proud to have grown from a data entry operator to Head of accounts in merely 5 years of joining Radhamani. Apart from being a fun working environment I respect the disciplinary approach which the management has inculcated towards work”


Anil Kumar – Purchase Officer 

“Work is fun at Radhamani. At times I work till 2 am without realising the time”


Ms. Seema– Senior Merchandiser 

“I have earlier worked in different organizations but nothing meets the flexibility, independence and co – operation I have received in my 5 years at Radhamani. The management here is very approachable and understanding”


Ms. Nisrathbi R – Senior Merchandiser

“Radhamani has been extremely lucky for me; it has changed my life and has got me loads of fortune and well being. Having joined here as a Receptionist I got opportunity to handle Accounts, Exports and even Domestic business. This experience has really contributed to developing my overall personality”


Vipin VP – Merchandiser

“Radhamani is a school where you get paid while you learn”


Shalini – Merchandiser 

“What I learnt here in one year would take me 10 yrs somewhere else”


Tulsi Rani – Junior Merchandiser

“The work atmosphere at Radhamani is extremely comforting and homely. Having basic design knowledge I was thrown into merchandizing which has given me the confidence to handle any account independently. I am leaving this organization for maternal reasons but if I ever wish to get back to working, Radhamani will always be my first choice”


Jismi GeorgeMerchandiser

“Quitting Radhamani is a decision I shall take only when I decide to stop working for good”


Nagesh NV– Pattern Master 

“Having joined as a Tailor I voiced out my inclination towards pattern design to my MD. A perfect blend of his everlasting co-operation and my hard work has made me a senior pattern master handling 8 international buyers of this company”


 Sanjay Kunvar- SMS

“9 yrs back I joined Radhamani as an office boy not even having the knowledge of taking a photocopy but today I am the face of the company to our biggest international buyer! . In life every ones ready to work hard but few get opportunities to climb the ladder while they slog. Radhamani is once such world of opportunity”



Testimonials from our Suppliers

Kamalesh Kapadia – Head of Marketing, NSL Mills

“We are associated with Radhamani since last 1 year. The eminent clientele of Radhamani bolstered with strong financials and flexible working conditions helps us to take risks along with them to meet end buyer requirements. We are proud to be allied with Radhamani as each single transaction turns out to be a milestone in achieving a long lasting business relationship. Such Customers are difficult to find who treat their vendors as partners and not just an economical supplier”


SV.Rajamanicam – SST Mills

“We have pleasure to serve Radhamani because:

1. Systematci Approach In Placing Order
2. Giving Importance To Quality
3. Proper Communication
4. Mutual Understanding In Risk Factors
5. Prompt Payment
6. Challenging Designs..”


A.Alagarasan – MD, Arthanari Loom Centre Textile Pvt. Ltd (ALC)

“We at ALC have been associating with Radhamani for the past few years. In a short span of time they have become our most prestigious customer. We as a team are very much pleased and interested to closely work with Radhamani Group
We owe great appreciation to Radhamani for their innovative and creative ideas for developing various appealing designs and fabric finishes which in turn is enhancing our image in the market
We are looking forward to have an increased volume of business and turnover from them, as it will mutually beneficial to both of us in the future”


Ranganath RG - Jyoti Laxmee Mills

“We have been working with Radhamani for nearly 2 decades and participated in each and every progress of the company and ourselves. Working with Radhamani has helped us attain new heights in the woven field and gained us good knowledge of various types of fabrics especially Shuttles – Autolooms. We wish to grow more with Radhamani in the future and worship almighty to bond our relationship more and more for future decades also”


Manoj Tibrewal – Managing Director, Gangotri Mills

“We feel proud and privileged to have dealings with Radhamani

Radhamani as a company is very cost efficient, financially solid and cash rich and commitment conscious. We have realised that as company Radhamani is a bunch of good people who do not believe in taking undue advantage of situation which is some time beyond control of the supplier. In short you do not want to make profit out of some body s problem.

We also believe that as a company Radhamani has special talent in creativity and innovation which are mainstay of garment manufacturing business. The company’s deep knowledge about fabric, counts, season variation requirement in basic formation of fabric are its added strengths. They have a solid fabric sourcing base, captive large scale garment manufacturing and good marketing spread. Unless someone is very strong in quality and cost control, he cannot a supplier to Radhamani.

Therefore we feel proud to be a supplier to Radhamani and wish them continued growth and success.”


Shrikant Pareek – CEO, Ashima Mills

“Ashima has been supplying fabrics to Radhamani for over a decade now and developed excellent relationship. Based on our experience we can say that  Radhamani is a company with high ethics and a company which gives a great deal of transparency to the suppliers of fabrics keeping them more as partners of the supply chain rather then just as suppliers. We have also found them to be very aggressive and committed in business, right from product development to the execution of orders there is a great degree of certainty of business expectations that helps a supplier like us to be clear for allocating appropriate resources and maximize the returns.

The key to Radhamani's success is the able leadership of Mr. Manish Poddar who takes quick and informed decisions at transactional as well as strategic business levels. His business acumen is evident from the fact that they have successfully launched their domestic brand while there was high volatility expected from the export market. This has not only made the company stronger but also given a great deal of confidence to their suppliers.

Radhamani has a strong back up of established systems and processes. This puts them in line with the best of the organizations in the business of manufacturing and marketing garments. 

I strongly believe that the company will scale new heights and be successful in all their endeavors owing to immense potential and strong ethics.

Wishing them all the very best.”